Moberly Stars Fun event and NHC Split Grade

Well done to the Moberly stars that took part in events at Moberly and High Wycombe at the weekend.
In a very hot weekend, Mobely celebrated a return to the newly opened Moberly Sports Centre with a fun event for the youngest members of the Moberly family. The fun event with members from clubs run by Moberly coaches saw all participants receive gold trophies in a very friendly atmosphere. It was a great way to return home.

On Sunday at the NHC Split Grade Competition at High Wycombe, Kyle finally defeated his brother Kamal in the final of the u50k blue and brown belt section. Oliver won a bronze in the u55k. Kristians won a silver in the u42k red and yellow belt section. While in the orange and green section, Parnell picked up a well deserved bronze. Mark, Kaden and Dmori just missed the medals but picked up worthwhile experience.