Moberly Stars at the 2018 English Pre-Cadet and Cadet Championships

Well done to the team that travelled to the English Pre-Cadet and Cadet championships in Walsall on Saturday. It was a long day for the small team but all fought extremly well in such hard groups where the judo was of a very high standard.
Dinari and Kyle both followed up medal winning performances last week in Northern Ireland with excellent performances in these championships.
Dinari suffered a loss in his first contest by an arm lock, but went on to battle hard to win a bronze in the u50k cadets, with a variety of techniuqes culminating with an excellent strangle in the bronze final.
Kyle won through to the final of the u50k pre-cadets with some absolutlely amazing throwing skills. Unfortunately, he was undone in the final and had to settle for a silver after a really tough scrap.
Oliver Lee in the u50k cadets, and Oliver Almond in the u38k pre-cadets fought with great heart but were unable to claim medals but picked up more valuable experience. While Daniel had to move up to the heavier u60k cadets and enjoyed his experience.

Moberly Stars at Northern Ireland Open 2018

A small team of Moberly Stars made the trip to the Northern Ireland open last weekend. It turned out to be an event of mixed fortunes. In the pre-cadet section, Kyle won a bronze in the u50k category. Cheered on my injured twin Kamal, Kyle had to produce an outstanding counter in his bronze final. Maddie put in another great performance in the u57k and gained further invaluable experience. In the Cadets section Dinari won his first cadet medal in the u50k category. In his first event this year he had to battle back from a surprising first round defeat to win the bronze after some hard contests. Anna won a well deserved silver in the u57k with excellent transitional judo. Oliver lost to the eventual gold medallist in the first round and was undone by a late score in his repercharge contest. Juniors Tyrese and Reuel had some great contests in the junior and senior section but just missed out on the medals.
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Moberly Stars at the NHC Red Belt Open

Very well done to the Moberly Stars red belts that took part in the NHC red belt open in High Wycombe today. It was a tough event for Red belts with some very large groups using the repercharge system usually reserved for older competitors.

Isabella and Isla both fought in the u32k and both had to really dig deep in a very hard group. Isabella won through to the final with a determined performance winning a silver, while Isla had to battle hard for her bronze medal. In the u36k category, Eva found the going a little tough but gained further experience picking up a participation medal.
In the boys u30k, Alex showed his excellent throwing skills with a great counter to get into the semi final. Unfortunately a defeat here meant he had to settle for a bronze. In the largest group the u34k, Zaccai and Azaih Bowen had to compete with a more experienced competitors and also found it a tough but worthwhile experience, winning participation medals. Older brother Amar competing at u42k was in great form and won through to the final with his excellent newaza skills. He was defeated in the final but won an excellent silver. Finally, Khamani won a fantastic bronze in the u50k after 5 gruelling contests showing a great fighting spirit.

Moberly Stars at the Sportif International

The Sportif International was definitely the toughest event we have fought for a while. The event which is usually held in Scotland relocated to UEL this year and with an entry of over 500 from a variety of nations as far away as Canada and the US, it was an extremely high level event over the 4 groups (Minors, Pre-Cadet, Cadets and Juniors). Run by Peter Gardiner and his Sportif Judo Team with the support of the London Area team, it was a superb event and we hope it returns to East London next year.

In the Minors group, Myeisha showed her class with a very professional performance to win the Gold in the u36k. Luca in the boys u38k, only just made the minimum age requirement and won a silver. It was made more remarkable because he is still a yellow belt.
In the Pre-Cadets, Luan avenged his defeat at the National Championships to defeat the current Champion on his way to winning the u55k category with his typically impressive throwing skills. In the u38k, Omar experienced an extremely rare lapse of concentration and Ali ended the day in 9th place, while Liam (u42k), Corey (u50k) and Maddie (u57k) picked up more worthwhile experience.
Cadets Oliver and Alex (u50k), Amel (u52k) and Anna (u57k) found the going a little tough but put in extremely positive displays.
Arseiy, won an excellent bronze in the u81k Juniors, coming back from a defeat by penalties in his first contest. While Tyrese, after an excellent start, lost for a bronze in the u73k and ended the day in 5th.