Moberly Stars at Northern Ireland Open 2018

A small team of Moberly Stars made the trip to the Northern Ireland open last weekend. It turned out to be an event of mixed fortunes. In the pre-cadet section, Kyle won a bronze in the u50k category. Cheered on my injured twin Kamal, Kyle had to produce an outstanding counter in his bronze final. Maddie put in another great performance in the u57k and gained further invaluable experience. In the Cadets section Dinari won his first cadet medal in the u50k category. In his first event this year he had to battle back from a surprising first round defeat to win the bronze after some hard contests. Anna won a well deserved silver in the u57k with excellent transitional judo. Oliver lost to the eventual gold medallist in the first round and was undone by a late score in his repercharge contest. Juniors Tyrese and Reuel had some great contests in the junior and senior section but just missed out on the medals.
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