Moberly Stars at the English Minors Open

Well done to Myeisha and Dmori who fought in last weekends English Minors Open in Kidderminster.
Dmori was in absolutely magnificent form winning the o50k title with devastating throwing and newaza skills. Myeisha had a tougher time in the u40k but secured an excellent bronze with a well timed foot sweep.

Moberly Stars at the London Area Open 2018

The London Open 2018 was a great event with some fantastic judo on display. Split into 6 sections, the London Area Judo competitions team did another great job managing all the sections over the two days.
On day one, the Minors, Pre-cadets and Cadets took centre stage. Myeisha won a breath-taking gold medal in the u40k with some amazing throws. Dmori won silver in the o66k. Parnell had an epic day with no less than 7 (seven) contests with 5 wins but he ended the day in 5th place in the massive u38k group. Kristians picked up great experience in the u42k.
In the Pre-Cadets, Kyle won a well deserved gold in the u50k with his highly impressive judo skills. Ali won a great silver in the u38k, with battling bronzes won by Omar also in the u38k, defeating Oliver and Maddy also won a great bronze in the u57k. Sacha and Corey also just missed the medals in the u46k and u55k.
Cadets Alex and Daniel found the going a little tough, but picked up further experince in the u50k and u60k respectively.
On day two, Juniors Reuel and Tyrese picked up golds in the u66k and u73k with dominating displays. Dominique won a well deserved silver in the u78k seniors and Richard ended the weekend with a bronze in the u90k masters.IMG_20180520_191214_244

Moberly Stars at the 61 Judo Club Green belt and below Championships

Well done to the 8 Moberly Stars that fought in the 61 Judo Club Green belt and below event on Sunday. An evet split into 2 sections, Red and Yellow belts, and Orange and Green belts.
In the 1st section, Parnell won an excellent silver in the very tough u38k category. Kristians won a bronze in the u42k. Kaden lost in the bronze final at u34k, while Cian showed great improvement but missed out in the u38k.
Corey won gold in his new u55k group with some fantastic throwing skills. There were also hard fought bronzes for Maddie (u57k), Sacha (u46k) and Dmori (o66k).

Moberly stars at the 2018 English Junior and Senior Open

Over in Thetford, Tyrese, won a excellent Silver in the English Senior Open in the u73k with some absolutley amazing judo. Not content with this he then went on to pick up a great bronze in the Junior section. While Reuel won a battling bronze in the Juniors but just missed out in the seniors.


Moberly Stars at London Area Development 2018

Well done to the 20 Moberly Stars that fought at the London Area Development Mini mon and Senior Low grade event.

At UEL, in the red belt section there were gold medals for Edward (u38k), and debutants Janhoy Madhene-Alem (o66k) and Brandon Cook (u81k), all of who had to also compete in older and heavier groups to win their medals. Nils and Nathaniel won excellent silvers in the u27k and u60k. Eva also won a fantastice silver with a great shoulder throw in the u36k. Alexander won a well desereved bronze in the u30k.

In the yellow and orange section there were hard fought gold medal winning performances for Myeisha (u44k), Sheziya (o48k), Malayah (o63k) and Dmori (o66k). Silvers were won by Maddie (u57k), Miyah (o63k) and Stefan (o66k).

Just missing out on medals but with further experience gained were Mohammad, Aziah, Mark, Parnell, Cian, Kristians, Luis Sanchez and Ibrahim White.