About Us

I started Moberly Judo Club in 1997 because I had a deep love for the sport I had started, in 1981. It had given me a unique appreciation of what a sport could do for an individual. It made me confident, it built my character, it taught me determination and perseverance, it opened a new world of competitive sport and surprisingly, a sense of family.

Moberly Judo Club is well into its 2nd decade, and it has given me and numerous others great memories and lifelong friendships. The club has taught 38 students to achieve their black belts and has amassed almost 250 National Championship medallists. We have had numerous competitors and ex members that have gone on to represent GB and other nations, at Cadet and Junior European Championships, Junior Worlds and Senior Grand Prix, Continental, World and Olympic events.

Many students that do not achieve such success have still enjoyed the sport and retain lifelong memories and return to visit and even bring their children and family to learn the sport.

Moberly Stars is our brand, and we now have satellite clubs and school clubs in West London, Berkshire and Hertfordshire. We now run annual events that are very well supported and aimed at the grassroots of the judo development cycle.

Committee Members:

Secretary – Shareen Herbert-Dussard

Child Welfare Officer – Natalie Ortiz

Judo is a modern martial art and Olympic sport created in Japan in 1882 with roots in ancient Samurai traditions. Judo means ‘the gentle way’, and it is this principle of ‘gentleness’, which informs all judo techniques. Judo is fun, it is a great sport and its three founding aims remain true to this day: physical education, contest proficiency and mental training. In short Judo is:

• A discipline
• A recreational and social activity
• A fitness programme
• A means of self-defence

Moberly Stars also see Judo as a means for individuals to positively express themselves through sport while learning key life and social skills such as self-discipline, behaviour management, respect and building self-esteem, and confidence.
Judo is one of the most practised sports in the world and becoming increasingly popular in Britain.

Moberly Stars aim to bring the Olympic sport of Judo to the wider community. Our team of coaches and Judoka all share the same belief in the benefits of Judo. Judo is enjoyed by all age groups both male and female.

Our objectives are;

  • to introduce Judo to children through the promoting of the Judo club and schools Judo programs;
  • to provide a safe and secure environment where our fully qualified coaches deliver judo classes;
  • to increase the participation of girls and women;
  • to include hard to reach groups such as those with disabilities;
  • to offer judo as a form of fitness increasing flexibility, agility and strength and conditioning.

Our Events

We run our own events and our qualified team of officials can be seen at many other events. Our Moberly Stars Red and Yellow Belt Rumble and Green Belt and Below Championships are very popular events on the British judo circuit. With fantastic support from clubs throughout  London and the South East. We also run an annual under 8 fun festival.

Our volunteers ensure our events run smoothly and that everyone has a memorable experience.

Our events team;

Contest Recorder – Dinari Dawkins

Time Keepers – Dinari Dawkins, Kamal Chambers, Kyle Chambers