Moberly Stars at Pre-cadet and Cadet Nationals

Mixed fortunes for the Moberly Stars that took part in last weekend’s GB National Pre-Cadet and Cadet Championships in Sheffield.

Star of the weekend was Anna Townshend, competing in her first National Championships at u44k Pre Cadet. Anna, justified her selection winning an amazing gold medal in dramatic fashion to become Moberly’s latest National Champion.

2015-12-05 17.29.44

Lucy was however a victim of dubious referring decisions that saw her lose in the semi final of the u63 Cadet, after looking like the National title was hers for the taking. Lucy then made very short work of the bronze medal final to claim her 8th National medal. 2015-12-06 09.31.16

There was also a dramatic end for Max in the u46k cadet category. Max won through to the semi final but after an epic battle with his rival from the Midlands, he lost on a penalty score. The bronze medal final was another momentous encounter but once again Max came up short and 5th place was his result.

Dinari was also on the end of a dramatic finish in the u34k Pre Cadet. After suffering a loss in the quarter final, Dinari was seconds away from a victory to compete in the bronze medal final, but was defeated by his rival from the Northern Home Counties, and ended the day in 7th place.

Daniel achieved 9th in u42k Pre-Cadet, while Cadets Reuel (u55k) and Tyrese (u66k) made it to the round of 16  in two of the day’s largest categories. Pre-Cadets, Alex (u42) and David (u46k) and Cadets, Micheal Osher (u55k) and Michael Mensah (u66k) fought very well and all will have learnt from their first National Championships.

Onwards and Upwards