Moberly Stars at the NHC Kyu grade Open and High Wycombe Mini Mon

An eventful weekend for the Moberly stars with some Seniors at the NHC Kyu Grade open on Saturday, younger members at the High Wycombe mini mon Sunday, a London Area training session and a couple more Dan grades too.

On Saturday at the NHC Kyu Grade open at High Wycombe, Moberly achieved a Golden Sweep with Max, Michael and Jaheim all taking golds in their respective categories. For Michael it was even sweeter as he picked up the last points needed to achieve his 1st Dan.
Sunday saw the younger Moberly stars taking part in the High Wycombe Mini Mon. It was quite a hard event for the young team but it was an excellent experience for all. In the u12 section Alexander (u27k), Kaden (u34k) and Kristians (u42k) won excellent bronze medals with truly battling performances, while in the over 12’s Edward won a silver in his very first event and David picked up a bronze. Isabella Mansbridge, making her debut, Parnell, and Tommasso were very unlucky to miss the medals, while Stefan had to withdraw with a slight injury.
Also on Sunday at the Budokwai, Max GoodkindIMG_20171126_222735_426 stormed through his line up to win his 1st Dan becoming Moberly’s 34th Dan Grade. Finally a big thank you to the London Area coaches that put on a great session at the Bud for the London area players on Sunday afternoon.

Moberly Stars at the South Coast u16 Open

A last event for a few Moberly stars before the GB National Championships took place at the South Coast U16 open in Worthing. Hosted by the Sussex County Judo Clubs, it was another great event from Jeremy Luff and the team.
With only 6 boys taking part it was a worthwhile event ahead of the nationals in a couple of weeks.
Oliver Almond won a bronze in a highly competitive u38k group. Kyle took full advantage of brother Kamal moving up to the u50k, winning the u46k category with some stunning judo. In a epic semi final with Oliver Lee, Kyle was able to secure a win with a hold for ippon in golden score. Oliver went on to win a great bronze medal while Nelson just missed out on a medal.
In the u50k, Dinari and Kamal won 4 contests each with some great judo to face each other in the final where Dinari was able to pin Kamal to take the gold.

Moberly Stars at the London Area Schools, College and Universities event

Well done to the Moberly stars representing their various Schools and Colleges and Uni’s, that took part in the London Area Schools regional Qualifier on Saturday and the London Area Universities and Colleges Open on Sunday at the University of East London. Another excellent event from the London area.

On Saturday Golds were won by Diva, Luan and Alex in the year 8 and 9 section. For Alex, it was his first Moberly gold after some excellent contests in the u50k. Amel was also in great form winning the year 10-13 u52k category.
Bronzes were won by Kristians at u42k in the year 4 and 5, Luca in the u38k year 6 and 7, Oliver in the u46k, Corey in the 50k and Maddie in the u57k year 8 and 9.
Just missing out but gaining great experience were Parnell, Nelson, and David.
On Sunday in the Junior Men, Golds were won by Max in the u60k and Michael in the u66k. Reuel won silver in the u66k, while Tyrese defeated Tommy to claim bronze in the u73k. Tommy was then foced to withdraw from the Senior Men u73k with a rib injury. Michael Osher moved up to the heavier u73k and picked up valuable experience.

Moberly Stars in Belgium, Wales and Harlow

Moberly stars have been all over the place in recent weeks. Holland, Belgium, Wales and just round the corner in Harlow..

Last weekend juniors, Tyrese, Reuel, Michael, Mohud and cadet Dinari traveled to Belgium where all gained good experience in the Flanders judo Cup event.

This weekend at the Welsh Pre-cadet and Cadet Championships Kamal and Kyle once again competed for gold and silver in the u46k. Another great performance from the twins in a really tough group. Brothers Omar and Ali 20171105_114717were also in the medals in the u38k both winning bronzes after some epic encounters. Luan was also showing his devasting throwing ability winning the u55k. Brother Liam was 5th in the u38k, losing to Omar and Oliver Almond was placed 7th. Corey (u50), Diva (u36k) and Maddie (u52) all gained excellent experience. In the Cadets Dinari (u50k) and Amel (u52k) both missed out in their bronze medal finals placing 5th. While Alex also gained further experience in the u50k.

Over in Harlow the red and yellow belts were enjoying a lovely event at the Green belt and below competition. For some it was a first competition at this level.
Golds for Myeisha, Cheyenne, Myia, Parnell, Stefan and Omar was just rewards for their efforts. Silvers for Malayah, Tyler, Kristians, and Tomasso. Bronzes for Aaliyah, Sheziyah, Alexander, Maxsim, Mohamad, Ali and Sacha.