Moberly Stars at South Coast and Midland area

Well done to the Moberly Stars that took part in events at the weekend in Walsall and Worthing.
On Saturday Maddie was the club’s sole representative at the Midland Area Open. Competining in the u63k, she took a commendale 5th place in a pretty tough group.
On Sunday Parnell (u42k) and Kristians (u46k) won Gold and Silver respectively at the South Coast Green and under in Worthing. Both had 5 contests in another great run event from the Sussex Judo team.

Moberly Stars at London Development Event

Well done to the 4 Moberly Stars at the London Development Event at East London University today. A fantastic gold medal was won by Deborah in the red belt girls section. Her throwing skills are going from strength to strength. Silver’s were won by Parnell and Kristians in the u42 and u46k respectively while Cian won a great bronze at u38k.