Moberly Stars at the 2018 English Pre-Cadet and Cadet Championships

Well done to the team that travelled to the English Pre-Cadet and Cadet championships in Walsall on Saturday. It was a long day for the small team but all fought extremly well in such hard groups where the judo was of a very high standard.
Dinari and Kyle both followed up medal winning performances last week in Northern Ireland with excellent performances in these championships.
Dinari suffered a loss in his first contest by an arm lock, but went on to battle hard to win a bronze in the u50k cadets, with a variety of techniuqes culminating with an excellent strangle in the bronze final.
Kyle won through to the final of the u50k pre-cadets with some absolutlely amazing throwing skills. Unfortunately, he was undone in the final and had to settle for a silver after a really tough scrap.
Oliver Lee in the u50k cadets, and Oliver Almond in the u38k pre-cadets fought with great heart but were unable to claim medals but picked up more valuable experience. While Daniel had to move up to the heavier u60k cadets and enjoyed his experience.