Moberly Stars in London, Wales and Zagreb

It was quite a weekend for some of the Moberly Stars competing in London, Wales and Zagreb.

At the London Area Green Belt and below, Omar won a bronze in what turned out to be a very hard u38k group. With many contests going to golden score, Oliver Almond and Ali just missed out on the medals. Oliver Lee and Corey competed in the u46k and although they both also missed out on medals they had some excellent contests. Nasima and Maddie also fought in the u36k and u52k respectively picked up further experience.

In Wales, Juniors Reuel, Michael, and Tyrese had extremely difficult groups, but fought with great spirit. In the u66k Reuel lost out in the bronze final, placing 5th. Micheal and Tyrese achieved more valuable experience.

In Zagreb, John Jaynefought in the u100k at the Junior World Championships. Ranked no.1 he had a bye in the first round. He then beat the AZERBAIJAN, Shakaraliev by ippon and followed this up with a quarter final victory over the MONGOLIAN, Obtaar. He was defeated by the RUSSIAN Adamain in the semi final and then lost out to the JAPANESE, Yamaguchi for the bronze. His 5th place finish contributed to the highest position for the US mens team in 25 years.…

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Moberly Stars at the Alkmaar International

The Alkmaar International was a first event abroad for many of the Moberly Stars and it was quite an event. Split into 10 categories of competitors from Holland, Belgium, Germany, Sweden among others, the level of judo was very high.
Moberly’s youngest competitors Luca and Myeisha produced outstanding performances to win bronzes in the u38k and u36k respectively in the minors.
The pre-cadet groups were among the largest and Luan won a bronze in the u55k with 4 straight wins after losing his first contest. Oliver Almond (u38k) and Dinari and Alex (u50k) were very unlucky not to win a bronzes after 5 hard fought contest each. While Oliver Lee (u46k), Liam (u38k) and Maddie (u52k) enjoyed a great experience.
In the older category, Michael won a great silver in the u66k Juniors.
However, Reuel (u66k Cadet) and Tyrese (u73k Junior) were both forced to pull out of the event due to the team having to leave the venue to catch the train home! Both were well on the way to medals but we had to leave…!!

Moberly Stars at the Hampshire u16 Open

Well done to Omar and Ali who doubled-up on events this weekend competing at the Hampshire u16 open today. The boys were on fire and completely dominated the u38k winning gold and silver. There was also a debut gold medal for Moberly’s newest member Dominique Brown, who fought in the senior women’s o78k.

onwards and upwards determined, dedicated, committed

Moberly Stars at the Micklefield Green Belt and Under Championships

Well done to the 13 Moberly stars that took part in the Micklefield Judo Club Green Belt and under championships earlier today. Another great event with some excellent judo on display.

Golds were won in Group A by Kristians in the u42k, and David in the o60k. Both put in determined performances to win their categories. Nathaniel won silver and Stefan won bronze in the u60k.

In Group B Isla battled hard to win a great bronze in the u28k.

Omar’s dominating performance won the gold in the u38k, beating brother Ali into silver and Oliver into bronze. Corey fought back to win an excellent bronze in the u46k.
For Parnell, Sacha, Oliver Lee and Myeisha it was a tough day but great experience was gained.