Moberly Star coaches are very versatile and can tailor personal fitness sessions to suit all types.

Whether you need to develop a training regime to improve your general fitness, target a specific event (weddings, summer holiday by the beach etc), or a specific area of the body we can assist you with training programs to build muscle or improve explosive power.

Our coaches are able to work around your schedule and sessions can be carried out at your home or your local gym. We can work with each individual, old or young, to create a program for fitness individually tailored to your needs, and can advise on exercise and diet.

Judo Fitness

Judo is a modern day Olympic sport. Judoka are among the fittest of athletes. The fitness regime of a typical international judoka include strength and conditioning through weight training and high level repetition of complex techniques. Explosive power and dynamic workouts increase motor skills to improve speed, agility and quickness.

Judo for Women

More and more women are taking up Judo. Judo offers women an activity that improves fitness, agility and flexibility and can also be used to provide the type of boost in confidence exercised by individuals who a have an awareness of self-defence skills.

Moberly Stars can provide women only courses that can be catered to incorporate self-defence training.

One to One Judo Sessions

Moberly Stars provide one to one sessions for all type of judoka. We cater for absolute beginners to judo and to those coming back to judo after a long break. We provide high level coaching to junior and senior competitors to sharpen skills and improve strength and conditioning.

The strong emphasis on throwing and grappling skills means that Judo is also very evident in many other martial arts. Our coaches are very experienced in applying judo to other forms of martial arts such as Brazilian Ju-jitsu (BJJ) and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). One of Salim’s clients include World BJJ Champion Lucio Lagarto

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