Moberly Stars at the English Pre-Cadet and Cadet Open

Well done to the Moberly Stars at the English Pre-Cadet and Cadet Open at Walsall today. Huge groups and a really high standard of judo on display. It was also an extremely long day..
Great results for Dinari and Anna in the Cadet section. After a first round loss Dinari won six contests to claim a superb bronze in the u55k. Anna also won bronze in the u57k after some fantastic contests. In the Pre-cadets, Dmori won gold in the +66k with a huge counter, while Myeisha won a well deserved silver in the u44k and Maddie won bronze in the u63k.
Ali was on the end of some dubious refereeing decisions, costing him a medal. While Oliver, Kyle, Kamal, ‘General’ Lee, Daniel and Corey were all left disappointed but no less motivated to come back stronger next time.

Moberly Stars 3rd Red and Yellow Belt Rumble

With our biggest squad taking to the mat it was quite a job to keep on top of results and performances. Huge thanks to my Moberly coaches that had to look after our squad on this day, (Reuel, Micheal, Daniel, Dinari, Kyle, Kamal) you made me proud. With over half the squad competing in their first official event it was a very busy day.
Deborah, Summayah, Avyaan, Parnell and Kyan
Karam, I’sah, Mohammad, Mark, Maksim, Kristians, Dean,Kelvin and Zacharia
Huria, Aisha, Micayah, Eva, Isabella, Misha, Theo, Khaleel, Kameel, Adam, Oliver, Joshua, Aidan, Cian and Mikhail.
Special thanks to Elizabeth for keeping us on our toes throughout the day

Mobely Stars at Micklefield and Ealing

Well done to the Moberly Stars competing in events at High Wycombe and Ealing last weekend.
On Saturday 4 took part in the Micklefield Judo Club Red and Yellow belt Rumble. Parnell continued is great form with a fantastic gold medal in his group. While Kristians won a great silver in his group. Both Mark and Deborah fought with great spirit to earn bronzes in their groups.
On Sunday a few of the youngest members converged on Ealing Judo Club for their fun fight day. Great performances and huge fighting spirit was shown by all that took part in an event to introduce competition values and etiquette. All who took part were awarded trophies in a truly fun and friendly environment.