Moberly Stars 3rd Red and Yellow Belt Rumble

With our biggest squad taking to the mat it was quite a job to keep on top of results and performances. Huge thanks to my Moberly coaches that had to look after our squad on this day, (Reuel, Micheal, Daniel, Dinari, Kyle, Kamal) you made me proud. With over half the squad competing in their first official event it was a very busy day.
Deborah, Summayah, Avyaan, Parnell and Kyan
Karam, I’sah, Mohammad, Mark, Maksim, Kristians, Dean,Kelvin and Zacharia
Huria, Aisha, Micayah, Eva, Isabella, Misha, Theo, Khaleel, Kameel, Adam, Oliver, Joshua, Aidan, Cian and Mikhail.
Special thanks to Elizabeth for keeping us on our toes throughout the day