Moberly Stars at the 2018 British Schools Championships

Excellent weekend for the Moberly Stars competing at the 2018 British Schools Championships at EIS in Sheffield. Split into 2 year bands, it is an excellent opportunity for the judoka who miss out at the GB National Championships, to win a National medal.

In the year 6/7, Myeisha was so focused on winning, her contests lasted less than a minute as she stormed to the title.

In the year 8/9, Corey was also in great form with 4 excellent wins to get to the final of the u50k, but a lapse of concentration early in the final meant he had to settle for a silver. Maddie (u57k) showed great intent in her contests, but was unable to progress into the medals.

In the year 10/11, Anna followed up her victory last week with gold in the u57k with an impressive variety of attacking judo. Daniel (u50k) and Amel (u52k) both started with great wins but, suffered losses and had to battle hard for their bronze medals. Alex, also in the u50k, was unlucky not to progress to the medal contests.

In the year 12/13, Reuel was in absolutely devastating form. He made extremely short work of the u66k category, winning a stunning gold. Tyrese made a great start in the u73k, but an error in the quarter final meant he had to win his next two contest to claim bronze. He achieved this with his strong throwing ability.

Well done to all