Moberly Stars at Welsh Pre Cadet and Cadet Open 2019

Big well done to Omar who won a fantastic bronze medal at the Welsh Pre-Cadet and Cadet Open last weekend. It was an extremely tough weekend with large groups and a very high standard. Omar fought in the Cadet u50k and his neat newaza skills helped him win Moberly’s sole medal of the event. Just losing in bronze finals were Oliver A in the u46k and Dinari in the u50k. Tough day for the rest of the troop but with 4 weeks to National Championships it will be enough to motivate them to give it a greater effort. Cadets Ali (u46k), Liam and Oliver L (u55k), Alex, Kyle and Kamal(u60k) and Daniel (u60k) and Pre-Cadets Luca (u42k) and Myeisha (u48k).