Moberly Stars at the Pre-Cadet and Cadet nationals

The Pre-Cadet and Cadet Nationals this year was a roller coaster of emotions. The nerves, the disappointments, the elation, the heartbreak and the joy.
It was to be third year lucky for Kamal as he won the u46k Pre Cadet with a truly dominating performance. Kyle displayed his infamous throwing ability on his way to the final against Kamal. The final was an anti-climax as Kyle was adjudged to have committed a serious penalty early in the contest and was disqualified.
Omar was in majestic form as he won his way to the final of the u38k. He completely dominated his final but a slight error in the dying seconds saw him end the day with a silver.
Luan started very strongly in the u55k, but lost in his quarterfinal to the eventual winner. He then won his next 3 contests to take the bronze.
For Oliver Almond, Ali and Liam it was great experience and they will be returning in his group next year.
The boys in the cadets found the first year at this level extremely tough. Dinari, Oliver Lee (both u50k) and Alex (u46k) will be better for the experience and will also be returning in this group next year. Amel has made great improvement this year and although she missed the medals in the u52k it was a great event for her.
It was a first non medalling Cadet nationals for Moberly in almost a decade, but the future is once again looking bright.