Moberly Stars at the NHC ranking event

It was a tough weekend for the Moberly stars at the NHC ranking event. A new venue attracting some of the best young talent in the country. With the new age bands, it was a steep learning curve for the 1st year pre-cadets and cadets.

For 2nd year pre-cadets Kamal and Kyle competing in a heavier category it was business as usual as they both again dominated to take gold and silver in the u46k. Luan also moved to a heavier category and also won gold at u55k. Omar returned to competition after a 10 month break to win bronze in the u38k. Maddie was in great form to also claim a bronze in her new u52k group.
1st year pre-cadets Oliver Almond and Liam both just missed the medals at u38k and u42k respectively, while Ali, Corey, and 1st year cadets, Alex, Oliver Lee, Dinari, Daniel, Nelson and Michael Osher had a very tough introduction to the cadets. Amel was extremely unlucky to miss out in the u57k cadets.
On day two Myeisha won gold in her new u36k minors, but Luca just missed out on a bronze at u38k. Max returned to competition after a break to win silver at u60k Juniors, while Reuel won a bronze at u73k, with Micheal Mensah just missing the medals. Finally, Masters competitor Richard Kaslo won silver in the u90k.