Moberly Star John Jayne at the Junior European Cup – Prague

Moberly Star John Jayne won Bronze in the Junior European Cup last weekend in Prague, Czech Republic. He won the quarter final against Italy by “two ippons” in the sense that he through the boy for ippon in the first 15 seconds, but as the boy landed in a bridge, the referee hesitated in making a call and John continued by turning the boy over and holding him down for 20 seconds to secure the second ippon. The referee was informed by the table judges after the hold down that the throw was an ippon!!
John lost the semi-final to an Azerbijani, who he had beaten before four years ago. Although the score was two wazaris and an ippon, the match was actually not that one sided. The Azerbijani got two penalties early in the match, John was later caught twice for wazaris and finally thrown for ippon with uranagi. The Azerbjani left the mat claiming to be too injured to continue in the competition and forfeited the final. John won the Bronze medal final with a dominant display by three wazari’s against the German.