Moberly Stars at the NHC Pre-Cadet and Cadet Ranking Event

A mixed day for the Moberly Stars at the NHC pre-cadet and cadet ranking event at Harlow today, 3 golds and 1 silver was a very good return for the squad.

Both Anna and Mariam showed the result of hard training with eye catching performances against more experienced competitors.  Anna’s vastly superior newaza skills and Mariam’s excellent counter attacking judo proved enough to win  Golds in the u44k and u57k respectively.


2015-06-06 15.46.12

Max was professional as always to claim the u42k Gold  while Lucy was frustrated by a disqualification in the final of the u63k despite dominating the contest with her improving fighting abilities.

It was a frustrating day for brothers, David and Michael Osher, and Michael Mensah all of whom had to move up to heavier categories and missed out on the medals. Mohud also picked up further experience from another high level event.