Moberly Star John in Estonia

In Talin, Estonia, John was competing in the European Judo Open in the u90k. After some hard fought victories, including against old rival PETGRAVE from GB, John made it to the semi-final, but a loss put him against the same competitor he beat in the bronze final in Luxembourg. This time John had to settle for 5th place, but more points towards Olympic qualification.

Moberly Stars at Alkmaar, Emmen and Bishop Stortford

In Alkmaar, Dinari won gold in the u55k u18 category with 4 great victories, including a golden score win in the final. Oliver ‘General’ Lee produced a fantastic performance to win his first international medal taking the bronze in the same group. Oliver Almond was travelling with the REDS and had fought a day earlier in Emmen where he achieved a 7th place finish. At Alkmaar he suffered a loss in the 1st round but then proceeded to win his next 6 contests to claim a well deserved bronze medal in the u46k u15 section. Omar placed 5th in the u50k u18 and Ali missed out in the u46k u15. Unfortunately for both Kyle and Kamal in the u60k u18 section, the team had to leave the event to catch the train so they had to be pulled out of the event.

Finally, Moberly’s last medal was won by Emma who won a fantastic gold medal at the Bishop Stortford u8 fun festival.

Moberly Star John at the European Open – Luxembourg

John was also in action, winning a fantastic bronze at the European Open Luxembourg.

He beat MAGKEYEV (FRA) in the first round. He followed this up with victory over PETR (CZE). A quarter-final loss to PETERSILKA (GER), meant John had to win two contests for the bronze.

He then beat NGAYAP (FRA) and then finished with a hard fought victory over JOUBERT (FRA) to claim his second senior grand prix medal.


Moberly Stars at the 2019 Commonwealth Judo Tournament

Fantastic performances and results from the Moberly Stars that fought at the Commonwealth Judo Tournament this week.
Golds for Veterans, Sensei Winnie (u60k) and Alex (u90k). Golds for Pre-Cadets Corey (u60k) and Liam (u50k). Bronzes for Junior, Tyrese (u73k) and Cadet, Dinari (u55k). 5th place for Anna (u63k Junior) and Maddie (u70k Pre-cadet) and 7th for Kamal (u55k Cadet).


Moberly Stars at Harlow and the Bishop Stortford teams

Well done to the Moberly Stars that fought at Harlow Judo Club’s 40th anniversary Green belt and below competition on Saturday and at Bishop Stortford Teams at their new home at the Herts and Essex Sports centre on Sunday.
In Harlow, Eva won a fantastic gold beating Deborah in the final of the red belt section. Micayah also won a silver and there was also a well deserved bronze for Mohammad. In the yellow belt section, Mark had to battle hard to win a bronze in the u42k. Finally in the green and orange belt section Kristians won a bronze in the u50k. It was a tough day for Cian, Parnell and Kaden who all gained valuable experience.
On Sunday, Cadets Dinari, Kamal and Daniel won a dramatic gold in the Pre-cadet & Cadet Heavyweight team beating some great teams along the way. The Bishop Stortford team event is fast becoming a must attend event with a great vibe and spirit. Kyle also won a bronze in the combined Ealing and Moberly team, and Daniel won the last points to gain his Dan grade. It was also great to see Zack Morrison and we wish him continued great recovery.

Moberly Stars at Crayford and Metro

Well done to the 5 Moberly Stars that took part in the Crayford Red Belt Rumble and Yellow and Orange belt competition on Saturday.
In the red belt section Nyriel was in scintillating form winning his 4 contests on his way to a superb gold medal. In the Yellow and Orange belt group, both Parnell (u46k) and Kristians (u50k) won great silvers with some lovely throwing skills. While Cian in the u42k under 12 and Kaden in the u42k under 16 battled hard for their bronzes medals.

Moberly Stars at Heart of England and Bratislava

Well done Luan who won a great silver in the u66k Cadets at the Heart of England championships yesterday in Walsall. 4 tough contests with some exceptional throwing and newaza skills. Just missing out was Maddie and Liam.
Today, John won a fantastic bronze at the Senior European Judo Cup – Bratislava. He came through 6 extremely tough contests to win his first senior medal at this level.

Moberly Stars at the 2019 NHC Open

Well done to the Moberly Stars that fought in the weekends NHC Minors, Pre-cadet, Cadet, Junior, Senior and Master Open at the University of Hertfordshire Sports Village.
It is the first event of the new age bands and the judo was to a very high standard.
In the Minors, Kristians won a fantastic gold in the u50k. Myeisha won a silver in the Pre-cadet u48k. In the Cadets Daniel won a silver in the u66k and bronzes were won by Oliver A u46k, Dinari u55k, Kamal u60k, and Maddie in the u70k. In the Juniors, Dinari won gold in the u55k and Mohud and Reuel won silvers in the u66k and u73k respectively and bronzes were won by Corey u60k and Anna u63k. In the Seniors, Reuel won gold in the u73k, with Micheal taking bronze. Senior bronzes were also won by Mohud u66k and Richard u90k. Richard also won a silver in the u90k Masters.
And finally, Dinari achieved the last of his points to earn his 1st Dan in the final of the u55k. Dinari becomes Moberly’s 35th Dan grade.

Moberly Stars at the 2019 Eastern Area Open

Well done to the Moberly Stars competing at the Eastern Area Open on Saturday. Golds were won by Luca in the u42k and Kristians in the u50k minors, Oliver in the u46k, Myeisha in the u48k and Luan in the u66k joint pre-cadet and cadet section. Oliver Lee picked up a well deserved bronze in the u55k as did twins Kamal and Kyle in their new u60k category. In the Seniors, Michael won an excellent silver in the u73k, but Tyrese and Daniel just missed out. #Moberlystars

Moberly stars at Western Area, Berlin, Zagreb and Ealing

Well done to the Moberly stars that fought at the Western Area Open at the weekend and at Ealing summer smash on Monday. There were also two Moberly stars competing in the Berlin Junior European Cup and the Senior Zagreb Grand Prix
Golds were won by Parnell in the u46k minors and Myeisha in the u48k pre-cadets on Saturday in Weston-Super-Mare. Kristians picked up a well deserved bronze in the u50k minors. On Sunday in the cadets, Oliver won a silver in the u55k and Kamal won a silver in the u60k and Daniel won silver in the u66k. Kyle picked up a hard fought bronze at u60k. In the seniors, Daniel won his first senior medal with a bronze in the u66k, while Michael ended in 5th in the u73k.
In Germany Reuel achieved further experience in his 2nd GB selected event and camp. While on Sunday, John was competing at the Zagreb grand prix where he won his first senior grand prix contests.
On Monday 7 of the younger Moberly stars made the shorter trip to Eaing to take part in the Ealing Summer Smash. A lovely little event with all receiving medals.Well done to Razia, Christopher, Mohammad, Huria, Abdullah, I’sah and Abdullah.